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Why We Exist: Business Link Courses

With the current economic climate and the changes to the business world, Business Brain Training recognise that would-be entrepreneurs and small businesses still need help and support.

Business Link has been providing a range of support and business start up courses for a long time and is one of the most recognised organisations of it’s type, however as the government looks to reduce the deficit and streamline services unfortunately the format of business link looks set to change and it seems that training companies such as Business Brain Training are needed to fill the gap.

Last year Mark Prisk, the minister for business and enterprise confirmed that along with the winding down of regional development agencies the business link offering will also be changed. Plans include scrapping Business Link Courses, as well well as much of the service as it currently exists and moving towards an online information facility backed up by a contact centre for additional support.

Mr Prisk has said “This “21st century” approach will be spearheaded by an improved and simpler-to-use online service, accessible both on desktops and on mobiles, he added. This will be supported by a call centre, which will give people “that little bit of extra advice from wherever you are”.

Here at Business Brain Training because our experts have started a number of businesses from nothing and are fully aware of the importance of being able to get good, clear and honest advice and information we have decided to continue to support people looking to make the move into self employment.

We truly believe that our training courses offer so much more than any online resource centre or contact centre ever could.

Based on all our years of experience we strongly believe that people learn best by having interaction with others in both a group and one to one format. And at Business Brains that is exactly what we do, we give YOU the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and challenge.

Why not book a course today and let us get your journey under way? If you would like further information on the situation with Business Link please take a few moments to read the articles below:

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